How to Overload Constructors in C#

by Al Beecy May 4, 2010
When providing overloads for a method signature developers often implement the business logic just once in the version having the full list of parameters to avoid writing redundant code. The methods with the simpler signatures fill in default values and hand the call off to another of the signatures.

This same approach can also be used with constructors, but the syntax is slightly different. [More]



RegEx to match a string that DOES NOT contain angle brackets

by Al Beecy June 5, 2009
A useful RegEx expression for preventing script tags from being injected into web forms. [More]


Asp.Net | C# | Regular Expressions

Convert a Generic List to a DataTable Using Reflection

by Al Beecy May 18, 2009
How to convert a generic List<> to a DataTable with reflection. [More]

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C# | Generics | Reflection

Convert a Byte Array to a String in C#

by Al Beecy January 10, 2009
How to convert a byte array to a string in C#. [More]



ASP.Net GridView Event Signature Reference

by Al Beecy January 8, 2009
Event signature reference for the ASP.Net GridView control. [More]


Asp.Net | C# | Reference

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