RegEx to match a string that DOES NOT contain angle brackets

by Al Beecy June 5, 2009
A useful RegEx expression for preventing script tags from being injected into web forms. [More]


Asp.Net | C# | Regular Expressions

Making XmlDataSource Work with RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom Feeds

by Al Beecy April 17, 2009
... [More]


Asp.Net | XML

Page.Form.Attributes.Add onsubmit AJAX Problem

by Al Beecy March 27, 2009
How to correct a problem where registering a JavaScript handler for the onsubmit event kills AJAX postbacks. [More]

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AJAX | Asp.Net | JavaScript | Telerik

Populating a DropDownList in a RadGrid Edit Template

by Al Beecy January 9, 2009
How to fill a DropDownList in a RadGrid FormTemplate. [More]


Asp.Net | Telerik

Telerik ASP.Net RadGrid Event Signature Reference

by Al Beecy January 8, 2009
Event signature reference for the Telerik ASP.Net RadGrid control. [More]


Asp.Net | Reference | Telerik

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