LLBLGenProDataSource Event Signature Reference

by Al Beecy June 13, 2009
Event signature reference for the LLBLGenProDataSource and LLBLGenProDataSource2 controls. [More]


LLBLGen Pro | Reference

RegEx to match a string that DOES NOT contain angle brackets

by Al Beecy June 5, 2009
A useful RegEx expression for preventing script tags from being injected into web forms. [More]


Asp.Net | C# | Regular Expressions

Convert a Generic List to a DataTable Using Reflection

by Al Beecy May 18, 2009
How to convert a generic List<> to a DataTable with reflection. [More]

Tags: , ,

C# | Generics | Reflection

Get Rid of IE8 Download Windows Search to improve history and favorites results

by Al Beecy May 5, 2009
How to get rid of the annoying message in IE8 nagging you to "Download Windows Search to improve history and favorites results". [More]

Tags: ,

Annoyance Avoidance

Making XmlDataSource Work with RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom Feeds

by Al Beecy April 17, 2009
... [More]


Asp.Net | XML

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