Create a Top-Level Sub-Domain in Plesk 9 for Linux

by Al Beecy September 12, 2009
In some configurations, if you use Plesk's regular sub-domain functionality, it creates the root of the sub-domain in a directory below the root of the main domain. Which means that "" can also be accessed via ""... [More]


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Reverse a String in JavaScript

by Al Beecy September 3, 2009
An easy way to reverse a string in JavaScript. [More]



Cool Links - August 2009

by Al Beecy September 1, 2009
Cool links I discovered during August 2009. [More]

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IE is Stoooopid!

by Al Beecy July 22, 2009
Microsoft thinks I'd rather see a useless error message than the page's content. [More]


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3 Reasons Not to Use Relative Dates in Web Pages

by Al Beecy June 14, 2009
Reasons to avoid relative dates in web pages. [More]


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